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Welcome! This website was created on 24 Jul 2014 and last updated on 03 Nov 2022. The family trees on this site contain 1174 relatives and 106 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Breretons from Ireland
My name is Jeanie Atkins and my maiden name was Brewerton. I have discovered via DNA testing that  my family relates to the Brereton name. We have connections via DNA to Brereton families from  Cheshire and Ireland.

I am helping Alyn Brereton with the Brereton's from Wybunbury, Cheshire at  www.alynbrereton.tribalpages.com.

I have also started a site for all Cheshire Breretons at www.cheshirebreretons.tribalpages.com

Fourteen of the DNA matches which are connected have separate trees from Ireland and Cheshire. There  is obviously a common ancestor but he has not yet been found.

At the moment there are many Brereton trees that start in Ireland but have not found a common  ancestor. If people work together and put their trees in one place and possibly have family members  take a DNA test, we may well break down some brick walls.

At the very least it should be an interesting project.

So if you have an Irish Brereton tree contact me and I will add to your tree on the site. My plan at the moment, July 2014, is to put some basic trees on here in the hope that family  members will find them and be interested in completing them and getting involved in the  DNA  project.
 If you can't be tested yourself you may find a cousin who can.

Information. At the moment the DNA results we have show that there are 5 separate Brereton trees. There are two DNA results from the Norfolk line which shows by paper trail a connection to the Breretons of Brereton Hall. There is one sample from Barbados whose family members live in Trinidad. We need another from this family. The 3rd. line is also a single tester of an adoptee from the Harthill tree. The 4th is from the Tarvin tree. This does not match any other tested so far. The 5th tree has fourteen matching samples which have a mixture of trees from Cheshire and Ireland. We need more tests, particularly from the larger trees including descendants from Brereton Hall who live in Ireland. We also need testees from the large Harthill tree. If you wish to join in this great adventure and if you are a male Brereton, take a minimum of a Y-37 DNA test and if you are a male or female with Brereton ancestors up to 4th generation then take a family finder test. All tests to be taken via: https://www.familytreedna.com/group-join.aspx?Group=Brererton. There is information on all aspects of taking a DNA test in the Stories link at the foot of the home page. DNA tested. Tree: (1) William de Brereton c1176. Brereton Hall, Cheshire x 2. Single testers. Tree: (2) John Francis Brereton, b. 1820’s, West Indies. Tree: (3) Harold Warren Brereton. Tree: (4) James Brereton c1799 Tarvin, Cheshire. Tree: (5) William Brereton c1752 Wybunbury, Cheshire William Brewerton c1765 Shotwick, Cheshire David Brereton c1732 Kings County, Ireland Henry Brereton c1760 Kings County, Ireland. Michael Bruton 1859 Galway, Ireland. Thomas Brereton c1679 Lisburn, Ireland. James Brereton 1790-1835 Staffordshire or Cheshire. .

The trees will be listed in date order. All trees are marked either by a coloured square or a place such as (Dublin) to help locate family members. All the trees now have a link to the head of the tree. William Brereton = Anne Boothe, 1501-1534, Cheshire. (Purple) Norfolk branch DNA tested. Cheshire Thomas Brereton = Eleanor Bunting, died 1679 Lisburn, Antrim. DNA tested. (Yellow) Lisburn Thomas Brereton = Lucy Unknown, c1700, Dublin. (Dublin x 2) Dublinx2 Richard Brereton = Ann Unknown, c1715, Dublin. (Dublin x 4) Dublinx4 David Brereton = Unknown, c1732, Killurine, King's County.DNA tested. (Red) KingsCo:red Henry Brereton = Elizabeth Whitford, c1760, King's County. DNA tested. (Blue) KingsCo:blue Thomas Brereton = Betsy Dobson, c1790 Tullamore, King’s County. (Navy) KingsCo:Navy William Brereton = Jane Unknown, c1790, Tralee, County Kerry. (Fuchsia) Kerry James Brereton = Margaret Unknown, c1790, Queen's County. (Queen's County) QueensCo Henry Brereton = Unknown, c1795, Dublin. (Dublin x 3) Dublinx3 John Brereton = Anne Unknown, c1810, Dublin. (Dublin) Dublinx1 George Brereton = Unknown, c 1800, Kings Co. (Teal) KingsCo:Teal George Brereton = Theresa Confrey, c1802, Dublin. (Dublin x 5) Dublinx5 David Brereton = Margaret Unknown, c1808, Dublin. (Dublin x 6) Dublinx6 John Brereton = Mary Carlyle and Ester Wakelin, 1816-1881. (Co. Queens) Co.Queens John Brereton = Julia Maher, c1825, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.(Roscrea x 2) Roscreax2 Martin Brereton = Jane Healy, c1828, Tipperary. (Aqua) Descendants from Cygnet, Australia. Tipperary:Aqua Unknown Brereton = Unknown, c1830, Dublin. (Dublin x 7) Dublinx7 Patrick Brereton = Mary Bryan, c1840, Dublin. (Dublin x 8) Dublinx8 Joseph Brereton = Julia Clarke, c1841, Dublin. (Dublin x 9) Dublinx9 James Brereton = Agnes Campbell, c1842, St Kearn, Kings Co. (St. Kearn) St.Kearn George Brereton = Charlotte Unknown, c1847, Roscrea Co. Tipperary. (Roscrea) Roscrea Joseph Brereton = Unknown, c1848, Arran Quay, Dublin. (Arran Quay) ArranQ. William Kingsley Brereton = Elizabeth Dagg, c 1850, King's County. (Parsonstown x 2) Parsonstownx2 William Brereton = Mary Coyne c1876, Kings County. (Edenderry) Edenderry Small family groups from Co. Kildare. (Kildare) Kildare PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE TREES HAVE EITHER BEEN GIVEN TO ME OR HAVE BEEN TRANSCRIBED BY ME FROM OTHER TREES. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED BY ME USING ORIGINAL DOCS. CAVEAT EMPTOR.
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DNA and a good paper trail are important tools to help you connect to your past.
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